If you have some special things which are very attractive for the eyes, such as a few rare species of birds, a birdhouse, or a painting that draws you to it and makes you want to see it every day. But, they do not need to be very expensive to benefit from. There are many inexpensive items you can purchase which will provide your aviary with everything it needs to be a successful home for many of them. These would include feeders, perches and dishes, hanging eaves, tree branches, and birdbaths. 

1_ Budgerigar

Budgerigar is one of the most popular birds to have in the aviary as it has a beautiful plumage and is easy to care for. They can also learn how to talk. Budgerigars are generally very friendly and sociable birds, which means that they will be happy to stay with you in your aviary if you allow them. The reason why they do well in an aviary is that they find their home colonies to be a great place to call home.

Budgerigar is a fairly easy bird to care for and can easily adapt to a captive environment provided that you do not overforce the process. They are quite small birds. Budgerigar love eating seeds, fruits, berries, etc. so always provide plenty of this for them and they will become quite popular amongst bird lovers. If you are looking for a unique pet then the Budgerigar bird to keep at home is definitely the right choice.

2_ Cockatiel

The Cockatiel bird is a beautiful addition to any household. The basic methods of taking care of these birds are the same as with most other birds and it doesn’t take a master bird watcher to know what the basics of keeping a cockatiel bird at home include. The first thing that you will want to do is make sure that you have a large enough living area for your cockatiel bird. Cockatiels need plenty of space to move around.

The next step to making your Cockatiel bird at home is to learn how to feed the bird. While some birds will eat out of a dish, other birds will prefer to be fed more often. A good rule of thumb is to feed your cockatiel bird two times each day, once in the morning and again at night. In addition, you will want to learn how to handle and play with your bird. These birds are highly social and will respond to your attention in a very positive manner. They are highly intelligent, though they don’t learn how to talk they can mimic sounds they hear either sound of doors, phones, and the likes.

3_ Cockatoo

Caring for a Cockatoo bird is easy but they need constant stimulation and fun to be happy. The beauty of the Cockatoo bird is that they can live up to 30 or 40 years in captivity. A happy Cockatoo bird will always be singing, flying, and playing.

If you want to buy a pet cockatoo, you must know that it needs lots of room, warmth, and stimulation. Before buying any pet of this kind, make sure to have sufficient space for it to fly around, a cage for it to rest in, and perches to put food in, water for drinking and bathing, and nesting boxes for roosting. For a pet bird to breed properly, it should be able to have a varied and adequate diet in order to gain sufficient energy and vitamins from the food and water that it gets. You can feed it with specially prepared food, but make sure that it is not chemically treated or preservative-laden. The cage for it should be wide enough to allow plenty of room to be explored and should be made with wire bars to prevent it from getting stuck in corners.

4_ Hyacinth Macaw

Hyacinth Macaw bird to keep at home is a beautiful parrot that will certainly make a lot of friends if given the opportunity. They are the largest among African parrots. There are several reasons why this bird is so special and very interesting. They are very intelligent birds, which are able to mimic what the people around them are saying and this is very helpful in the wild as they can quickly learn what is expected of them.

The Hyacinth Macaw bird to keep at home will definitely have a lot of friends. This is because they are very sociable. They are also very friendly towards humans and other animals. If you decide to buy this type of Macaw bird, you should know that it is very easily trained because it can imitate just about any sound made by humans and other animals easily. It is also quite large so it is hard for people to actually own them; whoever is opportune to buy them gets rewarded with great love from the bird. 

5_ Dove

Dove bird to keep at home is one of the most popular parrot species for hobbyists and enthusiasts. With their unique singing, screeching, and chirping songs, these birds make great pets and companions. While they are not as demanding as other parrots, their personality makes them entertaining and enjoyable to have around

Keep the area where the bird stays clean. Dirty areas may attract predators like snakes and hawks, which can be harmful to your birds. You should regularly check on the cleanliness of the Dove’s house. Remove unruly feathers from its food dish to prevent worms from infesting it and dirty dishes can collect bird dander, which irritates the bird and leads to sickness. These are some basic Dove care tips that will give you great results if you keep them at home and safe.

6_ Parrotlet

Parrotlets are one of the most popular birds around, so finding a place where you can keep them might not be that hard at all. Parrots like to be surrounded by familiar noises, places, and people, so an exotic parrot is always a great pet. Parrotlets love being around other animals and people, so if you do decide to get a parrot, make sure you have someone who will be there for it in its cage all the time.


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