There are some insects out there that will make your plants grow faster. If you have ever seen a cricket, praying mantis, or even ladybug, you have these insects hanging around. They help the soil to grow better and for many gardeners, these insects become an important part of their life.

1_ Earthworms

Earthworms have been around for millions of years, but recent studies indicate that they can help improve the environment in your yard. Earthworms are major composters of decomposing and dead organic material and so derive their nutrients directly from the fungi and bacteria that develop on these materials. These benefits make earthworm composting one of the most important, if not the most important, aspects of a worm farm. Not only does it improve the environment, but it also provides many other benefits.

Benefits of Earthworm

1. Earthworms play a major role in the decomposition of organic material. Certain species of earthworms can even eat large amounts of organic material per day. 

2. Earthworms play a vital role in recycling organic waste such as fallen tree trimmings and grass clippings. 

3. Earthworms also help improve the soil in your garden by driving organic material into the soil.

4. Earthworms play an important role in our digestive system, as well. Many kinds of earthworms, including certain species of earthworms, secrete digestive juices that break down dead roots in your soil and release these materials into the ground for nutrients. 

5. Earthworms not only break down dead roots in the soil, but they also digest plant materials, releasing these nutrients into the soil for your plants to use. This is a very natural process that helps plants flourish by improving the condition of the soils they grow in.

2_ Bees

For many centuries, people have relied on bees to provide them with a rich harvest of honey, flowers, and other food products. These insects not only play a vital role in our lives but by fertilizing the soil they are also beautiful to watch.

Benefits of Bees

1. Foraging for honey is a vital activity that all beekeepers or anyone interested in growing plants can do.

2. Honeybees play an important part in pollinating a plant. Without the help of honeybees, you would not be able to enjoy the delicious taste of a healthy plant. 

3. And without the help of bees, you probably couldn’t even grow a plant at all. If you want to grow a garden, bees are a necessary element.

4. The bees play an important role in the life of plants by helping them develop the proper environment for their growth and development. If you want to grow the best plants possible, you need to understand and appreciate the fact that bees play a very important role in the natural ecosystem.

5. Bees play a large role in the water cycle. When a plant needs water, it approaches a nearby water source and receives it, usually by dripping off of the leaves of the plant. 

3_ LadyBug

Ladybug, sometimes called ladybird, is a large predatory insect with a body length up to three times the length of its head. It has bright red or yellowish color on the upper part of its wings and reddish brownish color on its back, often having dark spots on its belly and hind legs

Benefits Of Lady Bug

1. They are known to be beneficial to fertilizers because they are an insect that likes to eat plant matter. This is important because they help the plants grow by sucking plant nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous. This is why they are important for healthy soil and great plant growth.

2. Another benefit of a ladybug to the soil and the growing plant is that they will kill aphids, another important plant pest. Aphids can destroy the quality of a plant and their presence can cause problems with the development of the plant. 

3. The benefits of a ladybug to the soil and the growing plant cannot be overlooked because without them we would not have many plants on our landscape. 

4_ Ground Beetle

Ground beetles are one type of beneficial earthworms that we want around; these friendly earthworms will help in eliminating some of the waste products that are produced by our food-production methods. They will also provide some much-needed fertilization for plants and help to restore the natural balance in the soil.

Benefits Of Ground Beetle

1. Ground beetles are one type of pest that can help your garden by killing off other pests and decomposing organic matter in the soil. This is beneficial to the plants as well as the decomposition process because it helps to increase the fertility of the soil. If you do not mow your lawn regularly, the decomposition can run off into your flowerbeds and will cause problems with the soil structure of your plants. 

2. One benefit of ground beetles is that they eat a variety of pests including leafhoppers, grubs, caterpillars, slugs, snails, grasshoppers, and even some rodents.

3. They also eat any vegetation or plant debris in the soil that is in their vicinity. This is very beneficial to the vegetable garden because any matter that they eat is breakable for decomposition and greatly increases the fertility of your soil. 

4. The main benefit of ground beetles is that they will dramatically improve your soil. This is especially true when your soil is very sandy and loose. When you combine this with a lack of aeration, the soil will eventually become extremely hard and inflexible. To solve these types of issues, adding ground beetles will help immensely and should be considered when you start to have issues with your soil.


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